Siemens Rail Automation

Siemens Rail Automation (formerly Invensys) has engaged a number of SCISYS staff to work within their project teams at Chippenham on the Victoria Line upgrade. Given our expertise in mission-critical software systems and our transport experience borne of many years working on rail projects, we have been well placed to provide supplementary skills and resources, including software development, testing and project management roles.

Software Development: we have been responsible for designing and developing a number of components and interfaces for the control centre, including the timetable management system, the interface between the train signalling software and a third party Data Warehouse application, a prototype for the operator work stations and user interfaces for the system. Development has primarily involved C# and .NET technologies.

Software Testing: this has involved coordinating the activities of the data test team, developing and executing complex test scripts and managing some of the Factory Acceptance Testing activities on behalf of Invensys.

Project Management: responsible for general project management activities within the overall programme of work, for project teams combining Invensys staff and external contractors.

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