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dira! for NDR radio OB-Vans

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dira! complete radio production and playout system in a box

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General contractor


NDR Hamburg
NDR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
NDR Niedersachsen
NDR Schleswig-Holstein


14 NDR radio OB-Vans

Each OB-Van with two redundant dira! systems


In autumn 2012 NDR, member of the German ARD-network, started implementing dira! in all of it's  Outside Broadcast (OB) Vans. NDR needed the robustness and familiarity of a complete dira! system in the OB-Van  – dira! Is used by all of NDRs radio channels for playout and production. SCISYS has optimized the dira! solution for this application: all the needed modules are installed on one standard - PC within the OB van. The system consists of:  

  • dira! Arcserv as central database
  • dira! Mediaserv as audio-storage
  • dira! Scheduler as scheduling & planning client
  • dira! Onair Control as playout client
  • dira! Autorecorder for up to 8 channels of recordings
  • dira! Highlander Client with audio editing dira! ATS  

As the OB environment can sometimes be rough, a second dira! system is installed on a second PC to provide a redundant back up, and assure complete availability. In this setup, all metadata and all media assets are always synchronised between the two systems - so in case of a system failure on one of the PCs, that other system will take over without any interruption or loss of data.      

dira! Sitemanager – connect to other dira! systems  

To connect the OB-Van dira! systems with NDRs central dira! systems, SCISYS developed the new dira! Sitemanager. All that is needed to connect to another system is it’s IP-Address or Hostname. After connecting, takes, stories and audio can transferred and exchanged simply using drag & drop, utilizing the dira! Multisite feature. This is also works for standalone system installed on journalist laptops.   Using  dira! Sitemanager and dira! Multisite, journalists and editors can connect their laptops with the dira! OB-Vans system and work with all the materials available on the OB-Van system.

dira! Complete functionality in a box  

dira! Onair Control provides the play out - allowing the full functionality that is available in the studios of the main site. For scheduled or continuous recordings,  dira! Autorecorder can record up to 8 channels.       Recordings are easily scheduled using the dira! Organiser. All material can be edited using the dira! Audio editors Orion or the multitrack editor dira! Startrack.  

Integration within NDR and other ARD networks  

NDR provides the dira! based web-portal "Reporter Portal" for the exchange of material within all of the NDR Sites and also to journalists in the field.  Selected takes will be uploaded automatically from the dira! system in the OB-Van to the Reporter Portal and from there it is also possible to  transfer audio  further into the ARD network using the ARD-Filetransfer. For integration with other ARD radio systems during bigger events, each dira! OB-Van system includes an interface which synchronises data automatically with ARDs MoBiRa exchange system.


dira! in NDR OB-Vans

NDR OB-Van interieur with dira!
dira! Sitemanager

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