Automated Procedure EXecution (APEX)

Automating processes, reducing the amount of people in the loop, increasing the amount of work they can do and reducing the time needed to do it are valuable business goals achieved with the SCISYS APEX automation tool. Borne out of the space domain APEX is used to test and/or control multi-million pound space assets used for  Meteorology, communications and navigation. Apex also helps monitor TV broadcasting networks and is now bringing value in other industries such as the oil and gas sector.

APEX can monitor, control and join up any equipment or software process, as long as it has a published interface.  It acts as the high level “glue” between disparate systems, equipment and processes.  APEX waits for appropriate points in the control process for specified times, conditions, events or user inputs and then proceeds to the next step or to start a new process branch.

APEX Interfaces

scalable, portable and distributable

APEX is scalable, portable and distributable.  It can be controlled and monitored from multiple distributed locations within the system, for example at the operations site and the central control facility. APEX runs on any computing platform down to embedded PCs and controllers.

minimal integration and configuration effort

APEX requires minimal integration and configuration effort – your expert staff can set up multi-threaded procedures using the APEX procedure editor, or import previously scripted procedure definitions.  This is achieved using a graphical interface that maps out process steps with their respective trigger start conditions, their safety constraints and post-conditions to signify success or otherwise.   These procedures are tested and perfected using the APEX execution engine.  Apex is connected to the equipment using a protocol handler – a range of protocols are already available (SNMP, MODBUS, SCOS-2000 etc), with minimal effort required to plug into a new protocol.

clear and easily interpreted graphical display

APEX is informative: Each process (or thread) comprises a series of steps that are meaningful to the operators. A sophisticated procedure execution engine gives an clear and easily interpreted graphical display of execution status, logging of execution history and external high level control through multi-threaded procedures.  Users can see, graphically, exactly what happened, when, giving unrivalled fault diagnosis.

A Future Proof Investment

APEX will last as long as the equipment you are controlling.  As APEX has no third party licences and is not tied to any operating system it will not become obsolete and will work on replacement computing equipment.  It can easily be adapted to accommodate new equipment that needs to be controlled, effectively future proofing your investment and reducing through life costs.