Smart Geospatial Reporting

Data is a key asset for all organisations. Whilst many have already leveraged the power of their business data through the use of data warehouses and associated reporting systems many have not realised the full potential of their spatial data which is often stuck in proprietary formats in specialist GIS silos inaccessible to the majority of the enterprise.

At SCISYS we are experts at bringing the power of spatial data across the enterprise through integrating business processes and spatial data. This is achieved by using familiar technologies such as Google Maps and Google Earth for simple data visualisation through to more complex integration projects where spatial data is seamlessly integrated into the business process. An example of the latter is the CON29 process undertaken by water companies and other organisations who are required to report on spatial assets underneath properties. SCISYS has developed a spatial reporting engine that fully automates this process and significantly reduces the cost of delivering these services.  

See our Digiright page for more information on this tool.

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