RNLI Shannon SIMS System


SCISYS is working with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in the development and build of the charity’s newest class of all-weather lifeboat, the Shannon. The lifeboat has a maximum speed of 25 knots, is launched and recovered from the beach or lay afloat and operate up to 100 miles off shore in any sea conditions. 

SCISYS is providing the Systems and Information Management System (SIMS). SIMS allows RNLI volunteer crew members to monitor and operate the lifeboat’s navigation, communication, machinery and systems from the safety of their seats. 

Versatility in supporting missions

SIMS uses the SCISYS MACSYS electronics architecture developed in the defence market, notably for next generation armoured fighting vehicles. This shows the versatility of MACSYS in supporting missions that require crew collaboration and control of complex electronic systems that will change over the platform lifetime.

SCISYS has been contracted to supply all the software, hardware, installation and support services for the first 31 Shannon boats (January 2016).  Further Shannon lifeboats will be built over coming years, according to the RNLI’s operational demands. Following extensive testing, SIMS was accepted in 2013 in the initial boat, which is now a relief and training vessel.  The first fully operational boats went to station in early 2014 and are in active service.

The RNLI Head of engineering services commented: 

Working with SCISYS on the Shannon Class lifeboat has been a very positive experience for the RNLI. We have worked collaboratively to develop, commission and test a complex integrated bridge system for the new boat, working together to identify and resolve problems through a structured trials programme and ultimately deliver a highly capable piece of lifesaving equipment for our volunteer crews.'


SIMS has to perform reliably in a very hostile physical environment, using ruggedized salt water resistant computers and sensors to withstand the shocks that come with carrying out rescue operations in rough seas.

SCISYS hopes to be supporting the system over the lifetime of the fleet. SCISYS is proud to be working so closely with this high profile charity on such an important project and shares their commitment to excellence.

For Further Information

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