You face a dilemma.

You need your legacy systems but they’re causing you all kind of headaches.


• They’re becoming outdated and inefficient
• They’re increasingly difficult to support
• They risk creating security issues due to required component upgrades.
• They’re becoming unfit for purpose.
• Other factors (eg Mergers and Acquisitions)


But your legacy systems are mission critical.  Changing them is a risk and creates significant problems. They've become legacy for a good reason.   But you can't avoid changing them forever.


Sound familiar?



So what should you do?

Options include:

Make do and mend: Keep the system as is and fix forward. This option may be tempting as it potentially has the least impact on end users in the short to medium term.

In the medium to long term, core components will go out of support, old technology will create new security risks and lack of flexibility, and staff skills and knowledge will degrade. The system will become unsupportable.

Re-build from scratch:  The cost-benefit calculations are stark. Up-front costs will be higher. There will be disruption to end users as you transition to new systems.  You will end up with a user centric system that can be supported using best practice DevOps principles.

Either of the above options may not be very attractive.  What if there was another way?


There is another way: a transition approach

Options include:

SCISYS has pioneered a proven legacy uplift method – a lower risk, cost effective transition solution.
The approach uses modern agile techniques and lower cost, secure virtual infrastructure. This fosters flexibility and creates real value for money. Up-front costs are minimal. You only make the changes you need to make. Future running costs are reduced. Business disruption is diminished. Risk is managed.




Our three-step transition approach ensures that you deliver an application stack that is:

  • Supportable.

  • Secure.

  • Reduces the risk of change: faster and safer to deploy.

  • More flexible.

  • Reduced costs: cheaper to change as part of a planned transition approach

  • Reduced impact on ‘Business as Usual’ operations



Customers who have benefited from this approach include:

  • The Met Office

  • The Environment Agency


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