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The Environment Agency is a Government agency, which deals with environmental matters for England and Wales. It operates on a regional basis, Anglian, Midlands, North East, North West, South West, Southern, Thames and Wales, and also has Head Office functions, which are dispersed geographically.

To quote from their website: "We are the Environment Agency. It's our job to look after your environment and make it a better place - for you, and for future generations" .

Since winning a Support & Maintenance (S&M) Framework Agreement in November 1999, SCISYS has been providing application support and maintenance services for over 30 of the Agency's key national applications. These 'legacy' applications were gradually transitioned into support and many have been enhanced as the Agency's business needs have evolved. SCISYS has also developed some new major applications for the Agency and these too have been included in the support portfolio.

Support services provided include application 'bug fix', general application help and user guidance, data fixes, and remedial steps to reduce the incidence of common problems.

SCISYS' Reading office is linked to the Agency's national comms network so that the support team may directly access the Help/Service Desk system and so respond quickly to incident calls which helps meet the customer service levels required by the contract. The support team liaises as necessary with the Agency's in-house IT groups where incident resolution may require local operational PC fixes or changes made to centralised database services.

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